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Dating Support Group

Coming in Oct 2023 ...

Please contact Dr. Liu for a 15 minute consultation call was a pre-screening measure before signing up for the group  

Perhaps you find yourself overwhelmed by the seemingly endless dating options, or burned out from the constant cycle of first dates. Maybe you're simply longing for a space to engage in honest conversations about dating and relationships. Our dating support group offers a safe and supportive space for you to understand your attachment style, pinpoint your relationship goals and values, and navigate the challenges that come with the quest for genuine love and connection.

Group Topic Overview 

  • Identify your goals and values within romantic relationships 

  • Learn to engage with dating apps in a healthy and effective manner

  • Understand your attachment and communication styles in relationships, practice healthy boundary-setting 

  • Reflect on emotional and behavioral tendencies that affect your current relationships, and acquire tools for healthier responses

  • Navigate the complexities and uncertainties of dating and budding relationships

Group Structure 

  • This is a six-week virtual group, each session is 60 minutes and facilitated by a licensed clinical psychologist via Zoom 

  • Session fee is 100/session 

  • 5-7 members per group

Group Members 

  • Open to all gender identities and sexual orientations

  • Ideal for those who are presently without a romantic partner and face challenges in discovering, cultivating, and sustaining enduring relationships.

  • This is a virtual group for CA residents over the age of 18

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